Transfer Money Without a Bank Account

Shoprite Checkers in association with Capitec bank have an innovative and convenient way for you to send and receive money without the need for a bank account!

It works as follows; simply go to any Shoprite Money Market counter with your SA ID book and give the cashier the amount of money you want to send (limited to R5,000 per day and R25,000 per month) and choose your secret pin number. The cashier will then hand you a reference number and the money is then transferred immediately. You need to tell the person you are sending the money to the reference number and the secret pin you have chosen. The sender pays only R9.99 per transaction.

The person receiving the money can then go to any Shoprite Money Market counter in the country with their SA ID book and tell the cashier the reference number and secret pin you chose and they will receive the full amount (within 5 minutes after the deposit was done) without any fees when the money is collected. Simple!

Vodacom and Nedbank bring you m-pesa, a safe, fast and easy mobile money system whereby if you are a Vodacom customer you can send money to any cell phone number in South Africa as well as receive and withdraw money 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

It works as follows; If you are over 16 years old, have a valid SA ID book along with an original copy (or valid passport or residence permit if you are not a SA citizen), a cellphone with an active Vodacom sim card you can go to any one of 3,500 m-pesa outlets country wide and fill in a registration form to apply.

Once registered you can deposit money at these outlets into your mobile money account and start transacting by sending money or buying airtime for yourself or others.

It costs only R2,45 per transaction when sending money.

m-pesa outlets can be found at Vodacom shops, Vodacom 4U stores, spaza shops, community containers, all Nedbank branches, 1,800 selected Nedbank ATM’s, selected retailers or anywhere you see the Vodacom m-pesa outlet sign.

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