Great New Products

Here we show you banking products that we believe actually add value and have a benefit to you and we will update this section as appropriate products become available.

Nedbank has recently lauched a revolutionary product in SA called PocketPos.

PocketPos is a mobile Point of Sale solution whereby you can now accept card payments from clients no matter where you are. This service has no monthly fee and is aimed at:

  • Plumbers.
  • On-the-go traders.
  • Direct sales organizations.
  • Businesses without access to a fixed data or telephone.
  • Merchants who want to use it as a backup device.
  • Seasonal or weekend traders.
  • Businesses with no current merchant facilities.
  • Roaming merchants with no fixed residential address.
  • Delivery and courier services

If you would like more information about Nedbank PocketPos, click here.

FNB has a “Savings Pocket” which is available to you if you have a Smart, Gold, Platinum, Private clients Islamic or Business cheque account. It works as follows: each time you swipe your FNB Cheque Card the amount gets rounded up to the nearest R2, R5, R10, R20 or R50 (you choose the amount) and gets placed in a separate savings account (Bank’s your change). The funds that are saved are then readily available anytime you need them as the Savings Pocket is linked to your Cheque account so you can access the funds at your FNB ATM or simply transfer the funds using your electronic banking. This is a clever way to build up cash for things you need later on in the future without realising that you are saving! Savings Pocket is free. You will also earn with a nominal interest rate on the balance of your Savings Pocket.

Nedbank - My Financial Life is a FREE Personal Financial Management tool that puts you in control of your finances by connecting you to all institutions that you have a financial relationship with and enables you to get a clear picture of your finances in one secure place. Now it’s easy and convenient to see where and what you are spending your money on.

My Financial Life is a convenient way to obtain a single view of your finances, including all your bank accounts, investments, online share trading accounts, retirement annuities, pension funds, unit trust investments and air miles.

  • Categorise your spending
  • Budget your money
  • Keep track of your money
  • Understand your spend patterns

To see how My Financial Life could benefit you and simplify your finances… Click here!