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Studying towards a tertiary education is becoming vital as unemployment is on the rise but the costs of getting that education make it difficult for most people to afford a student loan. The banks below offer student loans to help you pay for your tuition and books now so that you can focus on getting the qualification you want. Please note that each year you will need to re-apply for that particular year of study.

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From R4,000 upwards Varies Up to R60,000 per year depending on the qualification you are studying towards R3,000 – R150,000

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MAKGAMATHA 20-01-2017

FNB - Miss

Can u give the student lone I will u after study get a job

aya07 16-01-2017

FNB - Miss

Can u give the student lone I will u after study get a job

aya07 16-01-2017


zet 13-01-2017


Miss Rakojoane

katleho 07-01-2017

FNB - Mr

Study loan request for varsity fees for 2017

Huna 05-01-2017

ABSA - Unhappy 30yr loyal customer

1) Poor Service delivery to ABSA Private Bank Clients 2) Poor Exchange Rates for ABSA Private Bank Clients 3) As 30yr old customer ABSA has changed its focus on ABSA and not their customers as "cornerstone" of their business as set out in their code of conduct. 4) This customer urgently looking to bank elsewhere in 2017 HELP PLEASE!

KingLion 31-12-2016


EmilioMorgan 19-12-2016

CAPITEC BANK - Pretty good

Like the simplicity for dealing with the bank when there is an issue.

Astroweb 17-12-2016


mudau 13-12-2016


jowimasoga 12-12-2016

FNB - Think zuma's admin department do FNB too

Worst bank . They need to get all their branches on the same page with relation to what documents are accepted for verification & proofs.I was told this morning by a FNBKYC rep, that each branch has their own veriation and terms regarding type of acceptable documents. i had taken 3 different documents which are on the "list of acceptable documents" to be told at Long Street FNB Branch they would not accept them.

mathieut 23-11-2016


thembuz88 18-11-2016


Bxudhswhdv 18-11-2016


bradhogg 18-11-2016



timp 18-11-2016

FNB - Not bad!

timp 18-11-2016

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Compare Student Loans

The cost of going to university and furthering your education is not a cheap endeavour, but tertiary education can be vital to getting a job.

You are able to take a student loan to pay for your tertiary education. You can secure student personal loans from four banks which are FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and ABSA. You are able to compare student loans between these four providers and pick the student loan that is beneficial to you and suits the needs that you have for university education.

The Wheretobank recommendation

Lets start by comparing interest rates first, producing no clear leader as all rates are farely competitive, falling within more or less the same interest rate bracket. The most important question you need to ask yourself is how big a student loan you are looking for as the upper limits differ across the products being compared above.
Nedbank student loans are limited to R60 000 whereas ABSA provide student loans of up to R150 000.
Please remember that taking out a student loan is a large commitment, one that if used correctly can positively impact your future but if abused can leave you indebted and starting your career on the back foot.

FNB Student loans

A student loan from FNB can be from R4000 and upwards. The interest that you will be charged will depend on the credit profile and the affordability but is usually from 9%.

The interest rate on your loan will have to be paid each month whilst you are studying. After you have completed your studies both the loan and the interest rate will need to be paid each month.

To apply for a student loan from FNB which you can do online or through a branch, make sure that you have the correct documentation ready to make the process more efficient.

Standard Bank Student Loans

The Standard Bank student loan amount can vary and so will the interest rate. The interest rate will then depend on the loan amount that you take as well as on the affordability and credit profile.

Whilst you study the interest rate will have to be paid each month after which the loan and the interest rate will be paid each month once you have completed your studies.

To apply for a student loan from Standard Bank you will fill out a student loan form that you take to a Standard Bank branch with the required documentation or you can apply online for a Standard Bank student loan.

Nedbank Student Loans

Nedbank student loans allow you to loan from R60 000 per year depending on your study qualification. The interest rate at Nedbank for a student loan is 9% for the first year, 8% for the second year and 7% for the third year of your studies.

Nedbank student personal loans required the interest to be paid each month and on completion of your studies the loan and interest will be paid each month. If you are a part time student however the loan and interest will be paid each month.

ABSA Student Loans

ABSA student loan amounts are between R3000 and R150 000 that have an interest rate of 9%.

ABSA requires that you pay the interest rate on your student personal loan each month during your studies. If your studies are less than 12 months you are required to pay both the interest and the loan each month.

You are easily able to compare student loans online via sites like this which will also tell you the documents that you need and where you are able to apply for these student loans.

Comparing student loans is essential to ensure that you are not only getting the best loan but the best interest rate that is affordable.