Credit Cards VS Debit Cards

Are you weighing up the options regarding whether to get a credit card debit card, or both? Would you like to know which ones could do the trick for you? Debit cards are brilliant in that you never have to carry cash around with you, furthermore, you can use your debit card at most retail outlets, petrol stations as well as a plethora of other outlets where consumers need to make purchases. Debit cards are almost the same as having cash but, usually large purchases such as airline tickets and online purchases are made on credit cards rather than your debit card.

Credit cards on the other hand, could assist in debt consolidation, plus you can purchase hotel stays, student fees, books, clothing and more. If managed well credit cards could prove to be one of the most valuable financial tools that anyone could possess.

There are many positive factors regarding credit cards – here are a couple that should tweak your curiosity if you have never had one in the past and are considering getting one for the very first time:

  • Always remember that it is important to compare credit cards that are available to you to see which one will fit your pocket, needs and your individual requirements best.
  • Look for credit cards that will give you exclusive deals you might not get anywhere else.
  • What do the offerings look like regarding 0% transfers, for example?
  • Cash back and rewards might also play a big role for individuals when selecting credit cards.
  • Check out credit options regarding 0% purchases and the minimum monthly repayments.

You need to explore these options when applying for credit cards:

  • What are your options regarding spending overseas when travelling – this is especially pertinent to frequent flyers and travellers.
  • Credit cards when travelling means you don’t have to carry cumbersome travellers cheques every time you leave home.
  • Are you eligible for airline credit cards?
  • Should you get credit card protection in the event of becoming ill and no longer be in a position to honour your payments?
  • If you are a student – what are your options regarding student credit cards?
  • Do you love to shop online, but are reluctant to do so as this could prove to be unsafe? Credit cards are a brilliant and secure method for paying for goods online.

If you are planning a holiday or would like to pay for something expensive, a credit card is ideal. This way you can pay on your credit card and pay back over a period of time.

Credit cards and debit cards all play a role in the life of the consumer – all you need to do is to explore which options are best suited to your needs by visiting our user-friendly site to find out which one fits best.